Key to the green boxes at the end of each chapter.

At the end of each chapter in this blog, I have arranged some things to think about or skills that you may need to develop. New skills are sometimes easy to develop for yourself; others may require the use of self-instruction books or helpful material on the internet. More advanced skills might require someone to show you how to do it. Find someone with that skill or in a class. Many skills are fast disappearing, so do what you can to keep them alive. No skills suggested in this book are specific to one sex or the other; knitting and woodwork are skills we can all attempt to learn. (The only exception to this rule is breastfeeding!)

A simple green box suggests some straightforward changes you could make in your life to make it simpler or to reduce the impact that your life has on the environment.

A pale green box contains some more fundamental changes that you could make. You might want to move on to these after some time using the suggestions from the box above, or give them a fair trial period before deciding if these ideas will fit your life.

A dark green box contains some very significant changes to your life. You may choose to move into these suggestions after having tried those in the previous box, or again, try a trial period if that seems possible.

Please remember that this is nothing more than advice – you can decide for yourself whether you are comfortable with making these changes to how you live. Simplicity must be voluntary. Simplicity and a ‘one size fits all’ mentality will not prove useful! You may also find that many of these suggestions are already part of your life – you might then like to venture into a ‘darker green box’. Discuss with your family those changes you want to make and those that will be affected; simplicity is infectious and may help them to make changes.

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