Simple Links

The Links below are ones that I find useful in my quest for simple living. I don’t endorse everything on them, I just like them :^) (PS no particular order ~ just as I think of them.)

Becoming Peculiar — Adventures in a Backwards Kingdom Burried among the glimpses of family life the story of a Mennonite woman rediscovering her heritage.

Folkways Notebook Photographs and stories of everyday simple things.

Those Jones Boys A family becoming conservative Mennonite.

Wee Dragon ~ A Family in Search of Place and Purpose This has not been updated for some time, but dip back in time and the rewards are many!

Plain and Simple: Quakers On The Farm ~  A “Modest dressing, home schooling, Quaker family homesteading in Kentucky.”

Simplicity Institute ~ “The Simplicity Institute is a non-profit education and research centre dedicated to advancing the Simplicity Movement”

Transition Quaker ~ Some of the challenges facing Quakers today.

Take what You Need ~ Quaker topics, always enlightening.

Anglican Plain ~ Wander around and find all sorts of things.

The Vegan Hausefaru ~ Wholesome home-style food with a German twist.

Out Back ~ ”An attempt at simple living on the edge of the Australian outback.”

I fully intend to add to this list from time to time!

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